There’s no doubt that the manufacturing industry is more challenging now more than ever before. And to win the global battle, manufacturers must arm themselves with a collection of technologies that improve their ability to develop and manufacture better products, faster. In addition, they must optimize their business processes and create efficiencies to help streamline product development and manage their expanding supply chains.  In this blog, Columbus will share our thoughts, experiences and best advice on how to help manufacturers win.

Like Christopher Columbus found the way to the New World, we have explored and discovered ways that business solutions can help manufacturers become more efficient and profitable

Our key deliverables include truly flexible and future-safe ERP, CRM, BI and related business applications. We know how to adapt and implement our proven Microsoft-based solution sets to maximize your manufacturing efficiency and overall business performance – for immediate impact.

Our two AMR Research certifications in Discrete and Process Manufacturing combined are recognition of our commitment to the manufacturing industry, our deep industry knowledge, and many satisfied customers.  Exceeding 20 years of experience and 6,000 successful implementations, Columbus currently employs over 1,000 dedicated staff working out of 41 offices in 21 countries.

Learn about our successess in Manufacturing ERP implementation, our Methodology and our current events.

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