AXUG Summit 2012 was a great success!

I’m back in the office after being Seattle for AXUG.  It was a great week!

Hal Howard, corporate vice president of Microsoft Dynamics ERP engineering, kicked off the AXUG Summit focusing on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and the Microsoft Dynamics AX roadmap into 2013, both for future releases on AX 2012 and the next major release.

Microsoft Dynamics AX R&D is focusing on meeting two needs: those of it’s current customers and to meet Microsoft’s broader vision for services and solutions in the style of a “business solution from Microsoft”.

To meet those needs, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Present and Future Releases will be driven by user input.  Secondly, the next Microsoft Dynamics AX major release will bring Azure-based solutions and HTML5 interface.

AXUG 2012 Summite Seattle

Attendance at AXUG 2012 was record-setting and the enthusiasm in the sessions and expo hall was inspiring.  AXUG Summit gives Microsoft Dynamics AX users an intimate, unique opportunity to dive deep into Microsoft Dynamics AX with other users, tackle challenges, and learn and collaborate with other professionals who have had the same experiences.

Participants engaged in interactive learning sessions, roundtable discussions and valuable networking opportunities, all and-crafted exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics AX users.  I’ll be following #AXUGSummit on Twitter to see what others were tweeting and to get the latest on AXUG Summit 2013.

The rain held out until the very last day.  This window of opportunity helped us treat some of our clients attending the conference to dinner and fantastic views of the Seattle waterfront at the Edgewater Hotel’s Six Seven on Thursday night.  It was a great way to wind down such an interactive and fast-paced conference.

The pace hasn’t stopped.  To keep the momentum going on AXUG Summit, Dynamic Communities has already set the time and place for next year’s events, so mark your calendars for October 21 – October 25, 2013 in Tampa, FL.

You can currently register for AXUG Summit 2013 at a rate of $499, however this special offer is for user members only (not partner members) and is only valid for AXUG Summit 2012, NAVUG Forum 2012 and GPUG Summit 2012 attendees through October 31, 2012.

It was great seeing everyone in Seattle – and wonderful to see all the new faces within the Microsoft Dynamics community.  Let’s stay in touch!




Hope to see see you next year in Tampa!

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