4 Benefits that Business Process Modeling Can Bring to Your Manufacturing ERP Implementation

We’ve all heard the stories about ERP implementations that have gone wrong and for many manufacturing businesses it can be very concerning as they embark on the journey of selecting a new ERP solution.

One of the biggest contributors to ERP failure is that the implementation is too often focused on the features and functions of the product, versus understanding and defining optimal business processes that make a company run.

To ensure ERP implementation success for our manufacturing customers, we have developed a business process modeling tool called RapidValue. With hundreds of ERP implementations under our belt, we’ve taken common manufacturing processes and standardized them into the solution.

For manufacturers looking for an enterprise ERP solution, like Microsoft Dynamics AX, the tool is built right into your solution allowing you to model your business processes during implementation. In fact, because of this, it enables manufacturers to meet more than 80% of their business requirements out of the box allowing for shorter implementation time, cost savings and greater success.  And, as your business grows, the solution will support rather than drive your business practices, allowing your company to better perform and compete in the marketplace.

Here are the top benefits building best practices into your ERP implementaction can bring to your organization:

1. Save Time and Reduce Implementation Costs

  • Determine scope and direction by identifying and defining business processes first
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel by using preconfigured manufacturing scenarios for common configuration options

2. Improve Project Predictability

  • Start with proven and defined procedures
  • Focus on core business differentiators and minimize hands-on customization and configuration
  • Manage scope change efficiently and cost-effectively

3. Accelerate Knowledge Transfer with Tailored Online Help

  • Reduce training time significantly by having a tailored self-service Online Help knowledge base
  • Ramp-up staff quickly with a live prototype
  • Leverage end-user documentation as part of the business process model by staff role

4. Stronger ROI and Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Realize the full potential of the solution faster
  • Platform to support growth accelerating time to market and competitiveness

If you are evaluating or looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX, your project can benefit greatly by deploying RapidValue. For more details on how RapidValue can help you, view this video or contact the ERP manufacturing experts at Columbus.

By Norman Carmichael, Manufacturing Practice Director at Columbus. Columbus is an award-winning Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner, serving companies around the globe in the food, retail and manufacturing sectors.

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